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We are Cobra.

Cobra is a small group of friends that have been raiding with each other for a number of years in WoW (and other games.)  Our focus has always been on raiding, mainly on 10-man content, but with the introduction of Flex raiding this contraint no longer holds true.  Unfortunately, the MoP expansion saw the majority of our members leave to explore other options.  Finally, a handful of us have returned and are looking to pick up where we left off.  For that to happen though, we need to boost our number of active members up a bit. 

Admittedly, we are a bit behind the curve in terms of raid content downed, but we also feel that we have the competence and ability to close that gap in short order with the addition of the right key players.  So, if you're looking for a friendly guild full of competent players and want to experience the current raid content, please give us a shout!  We'd be more than happy to dust off a few spare benches and make some room for you!

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